Welcome to Edutainment 3.0
an explorable trends report by Wavetable
Education is entering a new era.

On one side, there’s the emergence of entirely new institutions - creator-led courses, venture and brand-backed universities, and democratized learning through software and smartphones.

On the other, individuals are investing more in learning, and organizations of all sizes are realizing the importance of creating talent flywheels.

The world of learning is changing form, and changing fast.

Edutainment 3.0 is a movement integrating active learning, storytelling, design, community, and immersive technology.

It has the potential to make learning as intuitive, dynamic and effective as the products and services we most love to interact with.

The Edutainment 3.0 report is filled with:

8 trends shaping the future of Edutainment
100+ case studies and projects
Guidelines, thought starters, and opportunities you can apply immediately

Interested in sharing your stories and empowering your audience?

Good. Because that’s at the heart of this new wave of Edutainment that we call Edutainment 3.0.

Edutainment 3.0, with all of its learning innovation, will be a key element of how brands, nonprofits, and creators share their stories and empower their audiences.

However, this space is wide-reaching and fast-moving. And creating projects that attract and engage your audience won’t be easy. This explorable trends report is here to help you harness the magic of Edutainment 3.0 and use it to your advantage.

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Developing and enhancing your message and mission


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Edutainment 1.0 and 2.0 - What they are and why they matter

Via Netflix.
Edutainment 1.0: In 1952 the FCC set aside 242 television frequencies for non-commercial educational purposes. Public broadcasting, an emerging counter-culture influence and aesthetics, and an idyllic 'neighborhood' ethos led to the first wave of Edutainment.
Via Masterclass.
Edutainment 2.0: New devices, networked communities, and production processes - from console gaming, to internet forums and digital cameras - radically expanded the range of experiences, while also reducing the cost of production and distribution. Education & aspiration showed up in reality TV, niche internet groups, and desktop games.

Edutainment 3.0 is rooted in experiences and relationships.

It enables Liquid Learning - the principles and pedagogy of skill and knowledge building, in forms enabled by digital, networked communities, and composable media.

  • Content poured into digitally-enabled containers
  • Immersive technology democratized
  • Creation and remixing goes permissionless
  • Peer connection becomes global and seamless

What gives? Why now?

Digital learning is shifting from traditional to digital media...

EdTech investments are soaring...

According to research by NESTA, there’s been a seven-fold increase in Educational Technology usage in the past two years. Investment in 2020 was $16.1 billion compared to $7 billion in 2019.

#edutainment is taking over TikTok ...

Social media is elevating information above aspiration ...

...and brands’ relationships with customers are continuing to evolve in the same direction.

In their 2021 Creative Forecast, Facebook (sorry, Meta) looked at how consumer relationships with brands have changed, and what’s next.

At the top of their recommendations? Create edutainment.

“The global pandemic forced people to embrace new ways of getting information in 2020, and brands that excelled earned attention by reimagining learning. And more importantly, they did so not by lecturing audiences, but by building edutainment experiences that didn't feel like a chore.”

These shifts are wide-reaching and long-lasting.

New innovations in this realm can revolutionize the ways millions - perhaps even billions - of people learn. Edutainment 3.0 will be a key element of how brands, nonprofits, and creators share their stories and empower their audiences. It’s hugely exciting.

Leading organizations are asking us for insights on Edutainment 3.0. Join them.

But here’s the golden caveat - trends.

So much is happening in Edutainment that it’s difficult to keep up - especially as projects and opportunities in this area don’t fit snugly in one industry or sector. You’ve got dots to join, threads to weave, waves to ride, and we know you simply can’t keep up with all the other responsibilities you have.

In this workspace, the team here at Wavetable wants to show you why Edutainment 3.0 matters, and how you can effectively bring it into your projects.

To do that, we’ve brought hundreds of hours of research and thousands of hours of practice and expertise into one place. You can thank us later. We accept praise, shout-outs, and quality chocolate.

This interactive, explorable report captures where we’ve been, where we’re at now, and how a series of macro trends are creating something completely new.

Each Act contains a number of Scenes - individual pages packed with case studies, stories, videos, and more.

A 5 Act Story...